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Mini Projector Blitzwolf BW-VT2 PRO MAX

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Detailed Description

Mini Projector / BlitzWolf BW-VT2 PRO MAX Projector

The BlitzWolf BW-VT2 PRO MAX is a compact portable tripod-mounted projector that allows users to enjoy home theater experiences at any time. This device features a built-in Android 9.0 system, which offers a user-friendly interface. With it, users can select streaming services, browse content from connected devices (e.g., USB drives), use a web browser, access the Google Play Store, and adjust settings. The device can be controlled using the included remote control or the built-in touch panel on the top of the projector. The built-in 4Ohm 3W speakers deliver high-quality sound.

Image Quality

The BlitzWolf BW-VT2 PRO MAX offers a 300-inch diagonal 4K resolution image (in H265 format) and supports 3D projection, making user's movie nights truly memorable. The projector has a brightness of 180 ANSI Lumens, resulting in vivid colors and clear text.


Thanks to the technology used in the projector, the image is not displayed directly at the level where the device is placed but higher up. This eliminates the need for additional elevation or tilting of the projector. With the BlitzWolf BW-VT2 PRO MAX, users do not risk accidentally tipping over the device, and they gain the convenience of viewing without obstructions. For user convenience, the autofocus adjusts automatically.

Keystone Correction

This is an extremely useful feature when users cannot place the projector directly in front of them and need to position it, for example, to the side of a couch. Keystone correction allows users to adjust the shape of the projected image to appear natural for the viewer, changing its inclination and side angles. The device offers automatic or manual adjustment of image inclination within a range of 35° and manual adjustment of side angles within a range of 45°.

Screen Casting and External Devices

The projector features HDMI, audio, and USB-C inputs, providing users with versatile options for playing content—such as displaying games and movies from a laptop, viewing photos from a USB drive or hard disk, and more. Additionally, the BW-VT2 PRO MAX supports wireless content casting via 5G-WiFi, allowing easy screen sharing from a smartphone or tablet through screen casting and mirroring functions. These features make slideshows and shared photo viewing convenient and intuitive, eliminating the hassle of tangled cables during movie nights.

Android 9.0

With the built-in Android 9.0 system, the projector offers an intuitive interface and access to favorite applications and streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video. Users can easily browse content, use the Chrome web browser, and install new apps through the Google Play Store. The integration of the Android system ensures a smooth user experience and seamless access to diverse content.


Whether users prefer traditional control methods or modern solutions, the BW-VT2 PRO MAX has something for everyone. Utilize the included remote control or the built-in touch panel to navigate the projector's interface easily and intuitively. This makes adjusting settings and changing content simple and convenient, giving users full control over their viewing experience.

Battery Life and Charging

The built-in 8000mAh battery in the BlitzWolf BW-VT2 PRO MAX provides up to 6 hours of usage, depending on the selected settings. In bright mode, the battery lasts 2 hours, in standard mode 2.5 hours, in power-saving mode 4 hours, and in Bluetooth audio mode 6 hours. The device is charged using a USB-C cable. After charging, users can enjoy wireless projector usage, eliminating the risk of tripping over cables in the dark.

Package Contents

Projector x 1

Power adapter x 1

Tripod x 1

Remote control x 1

Carry case x 1

Brand: Blitzwolf


Color: Silver

Battery Capacity: 8000mAh

Software Version: Android 9.0

3D Function: Yes

Ansi Lumens: 180

Optical System: DMD Ti 0.23 inches

CPU: MTK Decode 4K H265/AVS2 4K*2K*30HZ

Cache: 2GB DDR3 + 32GB EMMC

Physical Resolution: 960 x 540P

Keystone Correction: Yes, automatic up and down + manual adjustment of all sides

Battery Capacity: 8000mAh

Battery Life: 6 hours in Bluetooth audio mode, 4 hours in power-saving mode, 2.5 hours in standard mode, 2 hours in bright mode

TOF Laser Focus: Yes

Speaker Power: 4Ohm 3W x 2

Interfaces: HDMI input, USB input, audio output

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