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Φορτιστής Πρίζας Baseus GAN6 Pro Fast Charger, 2xUSB-C + 2xUSB, 65W (black)

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Detailed Description

Baseus GaN6 Pro Wall Charger, 2xUSB-C + 2xUSB, 65W (Black)

Baseus GaN6 Pro is a wall charger with four charging ports - two USB-C and two USB-A, utilizing the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. The charger allows for fast charging with a maximum power of 65W, enabling users to charge their devices at lightning speed. It is equipped with multiple safeguards, including protection against overvoltage, short-circuiting, high temperatures, and more. Thanks to the two types of ports, it's possible to charge various devices such as smartwatches, game consoles, laptops, tablets, headphones, and more. The BCT and Glue Fill Cooling technology ensures lower temperatures during fast charging, providing users with comfort and safety.

Maximum Power of 65W

Baseus GaN6 Pro easily meets the needs of even the most demanding users, offering a maximum charging power of 65W. This allows for fast charging not only of smartphones but also laptops and other high-power devices.

Gallium Nitride-Based Technology

The use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology in Baseus GaN6 Pro ensures efficiency, stability, and safety. This material allows for the production of smaller, lighter, yet more efficient components. As a result, the charger is compact yet powerful. GaN also enhances heat dissipation, leading to a longer device lifespan.

Port Versatility

The Baseus GaN6 Pro charger offers four charging ports - two USB-C and two USB-A, making it incredibly versatile. It can be used to charge a wide range of devices, from smartwatches and smartphones to laptops. This versatility makes the charger an ideal companion for both travel and home use.

Protection Features

User safety is crucial, which is why Baseus GaN6 Pro is equipped with a range of protections, including overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and protection against high temperatures. This ensures that users can confidently charge their devices, even at maximum charging power.

BCT and Glue Fill Cooling Technology

The Baseus GaN6 Pro charger also utilizes BCT and Glue Fill Cooling technologies, contributing to lower temperatures during operation. This, in turn, guarantees a higher level of user comfort and prolongs the charger's lifespan. Thanks to these technologies, even with intensive use, the Baseus GaN6 Pro maintains an optimal operating temperature.

Package Contents

The package includes:

- Charger

- Cable


Brand Baseus
Model CCGAN65E6
Color Black
Weight 142g
Dimensions 63.7 x 40 x 30mm
Material TPE
Input Power AC 100-240V~, 50/60hZ, 1.5a max
USB-C1/USB-C2 Output 5V-3A (15W); 9-3A (27W); 12V-3A (36W); 15V-3A (45W); 20V-3.25A (65W) max.
USB-A1 Output 5V-3A (15W); 9-3A (27W); 12V-2.5A (30W); 20V-1.5A (30W) max.
USB-A2 Output 5V-1A 5W max.
USB-A1+USB-A2 Output 30W+5W max.
USB-C1 + USB-A1 Output 45W+18W max.
USB-C1+USB-C2 Output 45W+20W max
USB-C2+USB-A1 Output 5V-3A 15W max
USB-C1/USB-C2+USB-A2 Output 60W+5W max
USB-C1+(USB-C2+USB-A1) Output 45W+15W max
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A2 Output 45W+15W+5W max
USB-A2+(USB-C2+USB-A1) Output 5W+15W max
USB-C1+(USB-C2+USB-A1)+USB-A2 Output 45W+15W+5W max

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