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Wireless Open-Ear Headphones Joyroom JR-OE1 (Pink)

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Detailed Description

Joyroom Openfree Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones JR-OE1 (pink).

The open-ear headphones allow you to immerse yourself in the music while remaining fully aware of your surroundings, which benefits your sense of security while running or cycling. They'll work especially well because of their IPX5 waterproof rating Openfree JR-OE1 is Bluetooth 5.3-enabled and allows you to listen to music for 18 hours and talk for 12 hours. The maximum listening time is 45 hours - the included case allows for 2 full charges. The JR-OE1 headphones are made of high-quality materials such as ABS and silicone for durability and comfort. Their lightweight design of just 11g makes wearing them virtually imperceptible.



Immerse yourself in music while remaining fully aware of your surroundings with the Openfree JR-OE1 open-ear headphones. Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes while running or cycling without losing touch with your surroundings and feeling safe. The Openfree JR-OE1 headphones are designed with comfort in mind. Their ergonomic shape fits perfectly to your ears, guaranteeing long-lasting wear without unnecessary pressure. Whether you're listening to music while working out or working, they provide unparalleled comfort.


Maximum Listening Time - Music Without Interruption

Forget about frequent charging! The Openfree JR-OE1 headphones offer an impressive listening time of up to 18 hours of music, making them accompany you all day long. In addition, the case's 600mAh capacity allows for about 2 full charging cycles, guaranteeing longer use without having to search for an outlet. The Joyroom Openfree JR-OE1 headphones provide clear sound over a wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20KHz.


Seamless Setup and Stable Connection

With Bluetooth version 5.3, the JR-OE1 headphones offer a fast and stable connection to your device. The 10-meter operating range allows you the freedom to move around without having to carry your phone with you. If you lead an active lifestyle, enjoying conversations during workouts is extremely important. The Openfree JR-OE1 headphones allow you to talk for 12 hours on a single charge, allowing you to stay connected even during your longest activities.


Set contents

  • Earphone x2
  • Case
  • USB-C cable
  • Manual
Brand Openfree
Color Pink
Model JR-OE1
Bluetooth version 5.3
Operating range 10m
Frequency response range 20Hz-20KHz
Music listening time 18h
Talking time 12h
Earphone battery capacity 100mAh
Capacity of the case 600mAh (approx. 2 charging cycles)
Charging time approx. 1.5h
USB port USB-C
Charging input power of the case 5V-1A
Material ABS silicone
Weight 11g (single handset), 65g (case)

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