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Τρόμπα Αυτοκινήτου Baseus SuperMini Pro Wireless Car Inflator (black)

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Detailed Description

Baseus SuperMini Pro Car Pump/Compressor (Black)

Want to be sure that nothing catches you by surprise during your travels? Equip yourself with the innovative pump from Baseus! With it, you'll be able to inflate not only car tires but also those of motorcycles and bicycles! It's also perfect for inflating balls, as dedicated nozzles are included in the set. Thanks to its high power and compact size, using the pump will be very comfortable. See what more it can offer you!

Fast and Effective Work

The Baseus SuperMini Pro car pump/compressor guarantees quick and effective work when inflating tires. Thanks to its innovative 17-cylinder pure copper motor, designed for maximum efficiency, you can enjoy 33% faster inflation. This powerful 50W compressor provides an impressive airflow, allowing a R175 tire to be fully inflated in just 8 minutes. Moreover, the automatic stop after reaching full inflation makes using this compressor not only fast but also safe and convenient.

Thoughtful Design

The Baseus device is distinguished by its thoughtful design, providing maximum user comfort. Thanks to its wireless construction, you no longer have to deal with tangled cables. Additionally, its wide compatibility, thanks to various nozzles included in the set, means that the pump is suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, balls, and more. The built-in display with a high-accuracy barometric sensor monitors tire pressure in real-time, ensuring safe operation. Convenient control buttons and high-quality materials are additional advantages of this exceptional compressor. Now, tire inflation becomes simple, convenient, and hassle-free.

Even More Conveniences

The Baseus SuperMini Pro car pump/compressor offers even more conveniences that make using it even more comfortable. Thanks to the handy strap, you can easily keep it with you, and its small size and ease of transport allow for convenient carrying without taking up much space. Additionally, the built-in emergency light serves as a flashlight in the dark, providing useful support during night repairs or emergencies. Charging the pump is simple and convenient thanks to the included USB-C cable. Now you can be sure that your travels will be safe, and the pump will always be at hand, ready to operate.

Safety Guarantee

The Baseus SuperMini Pro is not just an efficient tire inflation tool, but also a safety guarantee. It is equipped with multi-layer protection, including over-voltage protection, overheating protection, over-current protection, and low-temperature charging protection. That's not all! An additional advantage is the radiator, which effectively protects against overheating, ensuring safe and efficient tire inflation. With these features, the Baseus SuperMini Pro is a reliable and safe device for use under all conditions.

Included in the Set

Car pump

Interchangeable nozzles

Charging cable


Dimensions43 ? 67 ? 159 mm
MaterialABS + PC
Weight440 g
Battery Capacity4000 mAh / 14.8 Wh
USB-C Input5V = 2A
Power50 W
Inflation Time6-8 min
Suitable ForCars, motorcycles, bicycles, balls, etc.

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